Djimasra Amos stayed with his uncle in Bol, a town about 300 km from N’Djamena, the capital. He left his uncle’s house since 8 months because his uncle disappointed him. He came to N’Djamena on foot. His father came from Moinsala, a village about 1000 km from N’Djamena to look for him. He searched for about 3 weeks to find him. With the help of MOER-Tchad, the child was found and returned to his father.

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Mr. Luciano Gottardello, we thank you for your donation received by the hand of your representative Pofinet Medar, this Saturday, February 25, 2017. May God bless you!

Beneficiaries enrolled in school:

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Meeting with the beneficiaries of January 24, 2017:

We had a monitoring and supervision visit on Tuesday 24 January 2017. We had met 55 to whom we had given food. The visit started at 07:15 and ended at 09:30.

Monitoring and supervision visit of January 17, 2017

The visit did not take place because the place we used to use is occupied by the course resumption. We are currently taking steps to have another place at Paris-Congo Social Center for our next activities.

Hamid Yacoub, a 6-year-old child met during our Monitoring and Supervision visit this January 10, 2017. According to the child, he left home because he is hungry. After the meeting with our beneficiaries, we brought the child back home.

The journey was long, because the child took us directly to his mother who lives more than 10 kilometers from our site of activities. While in reality Hamid Yacoub lives with his grandmother, a person of third age.

Arriving there, his mother was absent. Nonetheless, his aunt made us understand that the child lives with his grandmother not far from our site of activities. We came back to where Hamid’s grandmother and his two brothers live. His father being in his point of trade not far from there, came to meet us.

After a few exchanges, Mr. Yacoub made us understand that he is divorced with his wife and that it is difficult to follow the children. Children are shared between father and mother without any real care.

After giving him some advice, we gave him back his child.

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Two of our children whom we are following and supervising were arrested on January 5, 2017, together with the bandits who stole a Lady’s wallet at the Dembé market. By the grace of God, with our intervention to the Police station a day after their arrest, the Commissioner decided to entrust the children to us, that is, he have released them. We thank the police for this great collaboration. These are Dieudonné Eric and Mbaigolmem Francis.

Pictures taken just after the release of our children.

MOER-CHAD is very happy to receive on December 08, 2016 a donation of 65 blankets and 15 tarpaulins from the Red Cross of Chad. This donation will allow us to rescue 65 beneficiaries (street children) who live in very horrible conditions.